ON SALE: FT-140B-F While Supplies Last


Now $3.00/unit, marked down from  $4.50/unit
While supplies last.

High Saturation flux density at high temperature. For power conversion transfomers. Good noise suppression from 0.5 to 20 MHz.

Inner Diameter: 0.906 in.
Outer Diameter: 1.147 in.
Height: 0.394 in.
AL Value: 2726



Independence Day, 2018

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Pi Day


3.14 2018
Today is Pi Day.

The Π in the photo above is constructed with Iron Powder toroids. Care to guess which material and size of the Iron Powder Toroids?

On a sad note, Stephen Hawking passed away today.



Now available, FB-61-7351
61 Material Round Cable Beads

Outer Diameter : 0.400 in.
Inner Diameter : 0.735 in.
Height : 1.125 in.

Ω @100 MHz : 185
Ω @250 MHz : 250
Ω @500 MHz : 370
Ω @1000 MHz : 460

July 4th, 2017


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